• I never liked to read. So all my time and money was spent in attending self development courses and training. I got advise from wise, experienced people. In this way I learnt a lot. However, my greatest learning came from attending the ALS. I am amazed that even without notes or handouts, my learning was so much more compared with other training courses that I paid so much money for.

    Here is what I got from the ALS experiental learning:

    1. Deep sharing with a group of people who were so supportive. I learnt so much from the graduate volunteers who supported me because a common objective and a common vision created for me. Many learning opportunities in a safe environment. I am now not afraid to share my feelings.
    2. Breaking through my subconsious behavior patterns to examine my beliefs. I am now able to move to a higher consiousness.
    3. Emotional freedom which enables me live the life I truly want, by reopening my sensitivity and connecting to people. I am relearning to care for and love the people around me.
    4. Excellent relationships with my wife, parents and children. This has even moved into my workplace to create harmony and deliver higher efficiency.
    5. Finally I understand the meaning of “Live Life To The Fullest”. I understand the “Law of Attraction”. I know how to “Live in the Present”. I am experiencing all this now and my life has been redefined. I enjoy my life so much now by living in the mode of creation, always opening up myself to all possibilities in life... Non stop learning, non stop caring.. So great!! I strongly recommend this course to all of you. The value you get from this experience will benefit you for life.. I am sure!!!

    George L15