The Art of Relating Communications Workshop (DT/TT Graduated Base)
September 25, 2018
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Couples Retreat (Per Couple)

RM 8,800.00 RM 7,700.00


The Couples Retreat will focus on the exploration of the growth offered through a romantic relationship and how to dive into that opportunity, expanding each partner in the process. This experiential workshop will allow couples to:

– Let go of past hurt and blame and create an inspiring vision to live into;

– Illuminate patterns from your family of origin and where these patterns are supporting and limiting intimacy, love and connection;

– See your partner with your whole heart, responding with compassion;

– Learn how to fight fairly, expressing upset fully without damaging your relationship, but rather forwarding it;

– Discover tried and tested tools for deep, heartfelt communication;

– Continue to live into the highest potential of your partnership with the maximum psychological and spiritual growth of both partners;