Living Every day in Abundance and Prosperity

Colourful Living Workshop

Never enough?

Life can seem like an endless pursuit for ease and security. We want enough money to ward off our worry about the future. We look for love that will stay with us forever. We desire things that promise to make us feel complete. But the money never seems to be enough and love is so fraught with difficulty that some of us give up trying. And the things we have drive us to want even more. And we keep on doing the same thing, hoping for a different result, which does not happen, and there seems to be no way out of this quandary...

The Scary City of Scarcity

The reality is that, as biological creatures, we are wired for survival, so hard-wired that it is difficult for us to see any other way to live or behave. Survival operates from the context of scarcity, a conversation of “if other people have more, then I must be having less”. Thus we live, endlessly never having enough. Yet, the answer is not to be found in that elusive “balance” of time, money and relationships that many pursue, because intrinsic to the concept of balance is scarcity! What if true abundance and prosperity did not lie in the money, things and people outside ourselves? What if our lack of it had to do with our attitudes and perspectives on life?

Discover an alternative context for living.

Experience 4 days, full of energy and fun, peppered with the occasional moment of puzzlement when you struggle with seemingly contradictory propositions, only to be followed by some liberating insight. Here are some of the results you may expect from participating in LEAP:
  • Take home from LEAP some new ways of being with yourself, your money, your possessions, your family, your circumstances and your future.

  • Open up new possibilities that may have seemed difficult or that may not have occurred to you before.
  • Discover how 24 hours can be enough, ample even, for an unhurried and rich experience of life.
  • Learn to surrender to living without a guarantee for the future. And do all that with laughter and a lightness that will actually be your ticket to a brighter and happier life!